Project Description

Amatrix Consulting Engineers undertook a full comprehensive building survey of The Lord Palmerston. The property is of Victorian construction this approximately built in the years of 1837- 1901.


Construction and condition summary

The main building was constructed as a three storey structure with basement (cellar) and a duo- pitched roof. Load-bearing masonry brickwork for spine walls and boundary walls. Chimney’s on both North and South elevations, with chimney stacks extruding out approx. 2.5 meters. The roof seems to be of slate tile covering material as observed from street level. The window opening in the East and South elevations, above first floor level are of masonry brickwork arches.

The East elevation consists of six segmental arches with rendered concrete keystones lengthened up against the underneath of upper floor levels. The South elevation consists also of a single segmental arch window opening, however mostly of (five) lancet brickwork arch window openings, dissimilar in dimension. All window openings are houses with original Victorian timber bay and (single) sash windows with fixed top panel and sliding bottom panel (bottom sash).

The property has had previous historic extensions (out-build 01 and 02) to the main building’s West elevation.

The overall property is structural in a sound and stable condition and free from significant structural defects. Various internal defects have been encountered however, from sash and bay pulley systems not in complete working order to ceiling and wall wear and damp. Staircase boards, treads and stringers generally need attention with the internal structural as well as basement requiring re-painting to the various walls and surfaces (i.e. ceilings, architraves, skirting).